Robotics Acronyms

Robotics like many technologies has a wide array of Acronyms everyone should learn

  • FIRST - For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology - a non-profit group running many different Robotics Competitions
  • FRC - FIRST Robotics Competition (High School Level Robotics)
  • FLL - FIRST Lego League (Elementary / Middle School Robotics)
  • VRC - VEX Robotics Competition is run by IFI using the VEX platform
  • FTC - FIRST Tech Challenge is a competition for Small non-LEGO robots using the NXT brick
  • BEST - Boosting Engineering Science & Technology - A High School Robotics Competition
  • IFI - Innovation FIRST Inc. - A Robotics company
  • LSR - Lone Star Regional - the Houston FRC Competition
  • GP - Gracious Professionalism - the prevailing philosophy in FIRST competitions. It describes teams should work together even though they are competing with each other
  • KOP - Kit of Parts - the kit each team receives at kick off that includes necessary electronics i.e. the cRio and drivers station and basic robot pieces
  • GDC - Game Design Committee - designs the game each year, including creating the rules for each game
  • COTS - Commercial Off the Shelf - a category of parts
  • HOF - Hall of Fame - the place where the winning teams of the championship chairman's go, which means that the team gets to go to championships every year after the induction
  • cRio - Compact Reconfigurable Input Output - the computer used on the robot starting the 2009 season
  • KISS - Keep It Simple Silly - a philosophy that some robotics teams feel like they should have followed realizing this on the day before shipping the robot out
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