This page lists the FIRST robots we have built.

2010 Robot - Disco Screen

2009 Robot - Disco Ballulator

2008 Robot - AfRobot

2010 Disco Screen 2009 Disco Ballulator 2008 AfRobot
Disco Screen - Our 2010 design has 6 omni wheels to move in any direction. We have two spinning wheels to dribble the ball. We kick the balls with a motor and magnetic locking system. The robot uses a camera to track a circular target and shoot balls from different distances. Disco Ballulator has two shooters to dump orbit balls powered by CIM & toughboxes. There are 2 shooter speeds, which allow for the shooters to shoot an orbit ball from 1 to 8 feet. The bin and collector can hold a collective 25 Orbit Balls, and can unload all of the balls in 7 seconds. AfRobot was tasked with picking up large balls and throwing them over a middle barrier. The robot was outfitted with corner omni drive to enable quick turning and movements.
Check out the Timeline for 2010 building process.
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