This page details the accomplishment of each week during the Build Season.


Discobots are looking forward to facing <i>FIRST</i> challenges.

It was only 45⁰ F outside, but everyone felt warmth inside our hearts. It was the start of a new FIRST season, and our team members were going to the University of Houston at Clear Lake for 2010 FRC Kickoff. The most exciting moment of the year for robotics people was here. First there was an introductory video about the FIRST program, values, and a mini scenario of the, 2010 game. Then several governors from various states and even a ‘recorded’ message from our President were given about how important engineering and science is to the future of America. Overall, it was a very inspiring and fun experience. On the bus back to school, we all started to discuss the 2010 Game, Breakaway, and everybody had their own unique and different ideas. In our first FIRST meeting, the team members held a meeting and started a brainstorming session. Robot design, size calculation, and strategy were some of the topics discussed. We were able to create a basic blueprint about how we would reach our goals during the six-week building period.

Timeline Drive Train Upper Body Control Website
Week 1
  • Focus on designing the frame of robot.
  • Assemble the metal pieces of drive train.
  • Use four omni wheels.
  • Begin on the two side wheels.
  • Design and begin prototyping several different kicking designs including pneumatics and latex powered kickers.
  • Write basic teleoperation drive code for use with the prototype drive train.
  • Use the default camera code with success.
  • Focus on designing the basic frame of website and adding nodes.
  • Connect the random page to the nevigation dropdown menu.
Week 2
  • Put on 6 omni-wheels : four for forward and back drive and two for side drive.
  • Prototypes had less power than anticipated
  • New prototypes had to be made (motor driven)
  • Successfully implemented camera tracking using servos to turn the camera and lock onto the target.
  • Upload member's profiles.
  • Constuct FRC building timeline
  • Write community event paragraphs
Week 3
  • Tight and adjust the chain so it will not get in the way of the kicker
  • Had a slow week waiting for parts.
  • Attempt to redesign a final kicker.
  • Finish programming camera servo searching and tracking.
  • Holonomic Drive class for use with the six-wheel drive train is currently in the works.
  • Worked on content for fundraising and outreach pages.
  • Continued to clean up layout of Members page and description of member duties
Week 4
  • Make bumpers to mount them on the robot.
  • Make skirt to prevent ball from getting into the bottom of drive train.
  • Change kicking design: use the metals instead of plastic.
  • Add plastic wheels as collectors to hold the ball.
  • Cur wire.
  • Consider the position of camera.
  • Attach one Jaguar Victor for kicker.
  • Wire all Jaguar Victors.
  • Attach all motors to and test code(all works).
  • Work on description of homepage and make design more appealing.
  • Install “light box” program for photo gallery.
  • Mentor helped edit content of website.
Week 5
  • Add washer on slide wheel to touch the ground.
  • Add more weight on the kicker to obtain greater momentum.
  • Mount metal bar to stabilize gear box.
  • Plan to mount the "lexan" to prevent the ball staying on the top of drive trian.
  • Connect the motor of wheel to electronic board.
  • Connect the camera to electronic board.
  • Change Victor to Jaguar.
  • Hook up 1 encoder.
  • Write autonomous code for encoders.
  • Add interactive links on homepage (Facebook, Google, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Continue to edit content on website
  • Add slideshow on homepage
Week 6
  • Practice driving the robot around.
  • Foucs on controlling the ball close to wall.
  • Change the collector wheel.
  • Stablize the lexon on the top of drive train.
  • Debug the code.
  • Design the code for collector.
  • Code the joysticks buttons easier to handle.
  • Fix the content grammar errors.
  • Keep taking pictures of hard-working people.
  • Finalize the Time line table.
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