Web Design

This page describes information about how this site was designed and can be used as a resource for other teams.

Basic Coding and Software

The Website was designed using php & css around a Drupal Content Management System (CMS). The Drupal organize page into nodes and allows users to edit page through their browser.

System Recommendations

We suggest using Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8, and Safari 4.


  • Custom script to integrate Picasa Lamar Robotics account, where all newly uploaded pictures will be automatically updated in photon page.

  • Video gallery integrates video from Vimeo account, where all newly upload videos will be automatically updated in video page. It is similar concept with Photo Gallery.

  • The icons link on the home page to various Lamar Robotics account to make the website more interactive
  • Interactive Interface
  • RSS feeds
  • RSS Google Email RSS Twitter

Helpful Sites

  • w3school.com - Provides tutorials on HTML, CSS, PHP and other code language.
  • EchoEcho.com - Provides CSS tutorials and free resources for programming.
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