Fund raising

This page describes our fund raising events and our 2010 budget.

Selling the HEX Bugs

Hex Bugs

Imagine groups of children gathering around a table and on the table are cute, colorful moving electronic bugs. This may be the Discobots members demonstrating and selling hex bugs. We explain to the children who are interested in electronics and mechanics how the little hex bugs work. This allows the children to have fun and learn about technology. This will be their first exposure to robots and perhaps they will become the next generation of the FIRST building force.

Holding the car wash

Car Wash

The Discobots crew spends most of their time on computers, putting together things, and using their brains for mental exercise. That’s absolutely important—but to become well-rounded, we need to stretch our bodies as well (i.e. physical exercise)! In our minds, a car wash would be a perfect fundraiser. Last July, we organized a car wash with ten of our fellow team members. We painted slogans on cars to catch people’s attention as they drove by. We had to scrub and clean an entire car from top to bottom. This is a pretty exhausting task for just one person, but if there are a dozen people working on it simultaneously, it is much more fun. While washing the cars, the team was able to promote FIRST and tell some complete strangers about why we are so passionate about robotics.

Income breakdown grahp

Fundraising Breakdown

This is the Discobots’ 2009-2010 fund raising income breakdown graph. It is the total amount of money we earned from selling hexbugs, washing cars, and selling custom T-shirts, These sales have helped us accomplish our dreams and aspirations in science, engineering and technology. Thank you to all the people who supported Discobots through these fundraisers, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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