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This page describes the rules and scoring for the 2010 Game, Breakaway.
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Each year, the FIRST organization gives teams all over the nation a new “game” where the teams, after six weeks, show off their programming, engineering, and design skills to compete against each other. This year's game, Breakaway, is about building a robot that will be able to kick a soccer ball into a respective goal. The game this year is composed of 3 scoring periods: Autonomous is played during the first 15 seconds of the game where robots are pre-programmed with instructions The next two minutes is the Teleoperated section of the game where humans are allowed to help the robots score as many balls as they can. Finally, the last 20 seconds is called the Finale where robots try to hang above the field and try to win the most points possible. Two alliances with three teams each compete and in the end, the alliance with the maximum amount of points wins the match!
The rules of the games are very simple. The robot may not exceed 120 lbs. Of course, this is not counting the bumpers or the batteries. The dimensions should be 28'' x 38'' x 60''. In the last 20 seconds of the game, the dimensions can't exceed 90' in height or 7' in diameter.
During play, the robots may not have more than one ball at a time but herding/kicking multiple balls is allowed. Only one robot is allowed to play in defense in front of an opponent's goals while the match is in progress. While the robot is in motion, the balls must stay in the floor and when your robot scores a point, make sure the balls are returned to the field as quickly as possible.


  • Ball in a goal - 1 point
  • Robot Hanging on Tower - 2 points
  • Robot Hanging from Another Robot - 3 points
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