We face Robotics challenges

CAD Challenges

Students are challenged to CAD goals before the FIRST season starts. The students attempt the challenge in pairs and compete to finish their CAD model before the other groups. The group who finishes the CAD challenge first gets dibs on which sub-system they would like to design.

The groups must CAD one of the following models:
  • Build CAD Model of Last Year's Robot
  • Build CAD Model of 2008 VEX Team A Robot
  • Build CAD Model of 2008 VEX Team B Robot
  • Build CAD Model of 2009 Electronics Board

Programming Challenges

Programming can be a major hurdle for students not familiar with Labview. The team started very early in teaching the fundamentals of Labview. The Fall programming challenge is to write the 2008 VEX robot autonomous program in Labview. The students are encouraged to work with others but must submit their program individually. The student who finishes their autonomous program gets first choice on the sensor they would like to work with.

Electronics Challenges

Electronics team members set their goal to design a sample electronics board. Starting with a paper design, the team laid out the electronics. After wards, the team transferred the paper design onto lexan. Since the 2009 controller arrived early, the electronics team mounted and tested the controller parts.

Website Challenges

The website team started designing a new website, http://lamar.discobots.org. The site spans from FIRST to VEX and other robotics activities. The team practiced css, php and drupal fundamentals to prepare for the 2009 website design.

Admin Challenges

The admin team started outreach and fund raising activities early in the summer. The community events page shows our list of achievements and the sponsors list show our fund raising activities.
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