This page gives a quick overview of team's goals for this year and lessons learned from previous years. Building up Discobots

2010 Goals

  • Build a COMPLETE working robot by week 3.
  • Test completed robot at the beginning of week 3.
  • Build a great website by learning from last year’s experience.
  • Program the robot and camera tracking in Java.
  • Make camera tracking with servo and gyro working by week 2.
  • Keep robot as light as possible.
  • Keep the center of gravity as low as possible.
  • Decorate the robot.

Previous Years Lesson Learned

The Discobots is still a relative young robotics club, as we go through previous years; we conclude and summarize the lesson learned. They may remind us, and run club in more efficient, professional way.

  • Finish design concept and make a working prototype by week 3 in order to avoid falling behind. Procrastinating is not the way to go!
  • Finish drive train within first two weeks of build season to start working on the complex parts as soon as possible.
  • Brainstorm different themes and start designing new website early, while making modifications as we go.
  • Have senior members train junior members in programming so that there is no knowledge gap left when senior team members graduate.
  • Keep the robot under the weight limit to avoid taking it apart at the end.
  • Have a “mock” competition to train new members to give them experience before build season.
  • Recruit new members at the end of FRC season to have “new blood” – fresh brainpower and ideas are always welcome.
  • Buy more tools to improve our facilities and increase efficiency.
  • Raise funds so that the team can have their own power tools instead of borrowing them from the mentors.
  • Measure twice, cut once.
  • Paint the robot a powder blue.
  • Time management and team involvement are the most important tools in making Discobots successful.
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